About Facebox TV

FaceBoX TV is a multi-language information tv show with international style

that highlights exclusively the positive aspects of an events happening anyware now,

by sending out its young & energetic/vibrant team to document the facts in a unique style,

creating an contemporary reality show & backstage reportage.


Facebox TV follows important events, live concerts, fashion shows, theatre, cinema festivals, motors, airplane, animals,

sport, exhibitions, behind the scenes of other popular Television programs or film. ect....

From the Labor Fest concert in Rome and Umbria jazz festival in Italy to Nashestvie Rock festival in Russia and Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada.

FaceBoX TV has covered many hundreds/thousands of kilometers in this its first three years of life of existence garnering widespread acceptance,

approval and recognition from the public & authorities, city governments such as

the Vatican City and other cities in Italy, Germany as well the Russian Center of Since and Culture in Rome.


FaceboX Tv has had the honour of interviewing high ranking personalities such as Pope Francesco,

and many V.I.P.s from the world of entertainment from Italy USA Uk Germany Russia and so on

such as;

Italy: Vittorio Sgarbi, Enrico Ruggeri, Carmen Russo, Noemi, Nino Frassica, Dario Vergassola,

Renzo Arbore, Claudia Gerini, Irene Grandi, & many others besides.

Spain: Jose Dali (son of Salvador Dali)

USA : Snoop Dogg, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock

UK: Bjork , Mikky Dee Moterhead

Russia: Diana Arbenina, Rodion Gazmanov, Oskar Kuchera Actor & Tv presenter , Leningrad Rock band,

B2 Rock Band, The Matrixx Rock Band, Shaif Rock Band, The Great Painter Natalia Tsarkova and many more ....


FaceBoX TV does not compete or replace any other video maker, photographer, journalist or other TV show present in an event,

because FaceBoX TV is different & unique style .

The Row Video & Photographic Materials of FaceBox TV can't be released to third party.

Video and photos shot by FaceBoX TV are designed exclusively to realize FaceBoX TV

and it is not compatible with other regular video or photo shooting.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any consultation or any other information about FaceBox TV Show.

More details will be released soon

Written and Directed by Ambrogio King : +39 392 816 0789 - Email: info@facebox-tv.com

PHONE: Europe +39 392 816 0789 - North America : +1 646 527 8745 - SKYPE : EURODV


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